Dec 12, 2011

I've moved!

Little things has moved. Please come take a look...

Nov 30, 2011

Would you like to share a recipe?

Can you believe it's nearly Christmas! I'll miss my family this year but a little excited to hopefully have a white Christmas. Back in Brisbane Christmas usually involves eating inside in the air conditioning and eating cooler salads mixed in with the traditional roast. Quite the opposite here - warming, comforting foods all the way!

I'm planning on doing a morning noon and night feature and hoping some of you might like to contribute and be part of the little things Christmas. If you have a favourite recipe and don't mind sharing online with others then I'd love for you to email it through. Recipes will be selected to form a morning noon and night series and uploaded a week prior to Christmas. Full recipe credit of course! The categories:

• A breakfast recipe
• A lunch recipe
• An afternoon treat recipe
• A dinner recipe
• A drink recipe
• And my personal favourite, dessert!

So if you have a recipe you would like to share with others, then please email it to me at

Nov 25, 2011

Las Vegas

Happy Friday everybody. Only 1 month until Christmas - eek! Not long until the stockings and tree can go up. When Reid and I first lived overseas we used one of those fold up washing lines as our tree and strung tinsel over it. This time I'm determined to do something a little more exciting!

I thought I'd post a few pics from our trip to Vegas. As mentioned earlier we did a quad bike tour through the Valley of Fire which was so much fun and quite a contrast in landscape from the glittery lights of the Las Vegas strip.

Enjoy your Friday and I hope those in Aus wake to a nice sunny day x

Nov 24, 2011

The first morning of snow

The last 5 days we have been in Vegas. Glittery lights, huge hotels, girls in tiny skirts, people walking the streets with cocktails in hand. Quite a place unlike any other. I went there expecting it to be over the top, touristy and party party party and that it was. It's a place to spend money, let your hair down and have fun. And I did just that on the first night and paid for it severely the next day! The rest of our trip was quite tame after that. We did a quad bike tour through the Valley of Fire which was so much fun and also saw the Cirque du Soleil show Zumanity. I was amazed with how those dancers can move and how fluid they are. Quite incredible. We stayed in the Mandarin Oriental and it has the be the most luxurious hotel I've ever stayed in. Very classy, stylish and a feel of quality to everything. We lashed out and both got massages in their spa which looked over the Vegas strip. It had a huge heated spa, steam rooms, heated chairs, rain showers - it was amazing and a perfect end to our stay.

On our taxi ride home last night the driver told us it was expected to snow during the night. So this morning I woke up like a child on Christmas day and ran to the window. And there it was, the streets covered in a blanket of snow. I could sit here all day sipping on coffee and staring out the window. Beautiful.

Nov 14, 2011

A little relish - Montréal!

And here it is! I'm very happy to finally be able to share with you the second issue of a little relish - Montréal. I really have fallen in love with this city and as I mention in the magazine, this issue is a personal encounter of my experiences so far and recipes inspired by meals I've enjoyed throughout the city. There are so many more restaurants and cafes yet to be explored and I look forward to doing so in my time here.

I really hope it does Montréal justice and inspires others to visit this amazing city.

And the winner of the Joe Beef and Premiere Moisson books and the spatula and wooden spoon from Les Touilleurs is (drum roll)........ Jen! Congratulations Jen, I hope you enjoy the little package I'm sending your way.

Nov 12, 2011

Giveaway has ended!

The giveaway has now ended so thank you to all those who entered and good luck! I'll be announcing the winner on Monday along with the launch of the new issue.

Nov 11, 2011

Friday & last chance to win!

It's Friday! I'm sure everyone has seen this but I thought it was nice to watch on a Friday morning. Pretty amazing and beautiful.

The 'A little relish' giveaway ends midnight tonight Montréal time so last chance to enter to win the Joe Beef and Première Moisson books and the spatula and wooden spoon from Les Touilleurs. And Monday the magazine will be up for viewing! So stay tuned.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Nov 3, 2011

Cooking up a storm

It's been a long time between posts I know. I've been madly trying to finish off design jobs for for clients back home and with less than 2 weeks until I launch the Montréal issue of A little relish I've had to get a move on. I've been cooking up a storm the past 2 days with multiple trips to and from the grocery store since we don't have a car here. I don't feel quite as guilty after eating everything that I've been cooking.

Thank you to all those who have entered the Joe Beef cookbook competition. For those who haven't entered it's not too late so see below if you want to go into the draw. All are welcome and I'll be posting it to wherever the winner is located in the world.

Oct 18, 2011

A little relish giveaway!

With the upcoming launch of a little relish issue two due to be released on Monday 14th November 2011, and the recent release of the new Joe Beef cookbook, I thought it might be a bit exciting to do a little giveaway. The lucky winner will receive the new book 'The Art Of Living According To Joe Beef: A Cookbook Of Sorts', the Première Moisson 'Bread' book and a spatula and wooden spoon by my favourite cooking supply store here in Montréal - Les Touilleurs.

For those unfamiliar, Joe Beef is located in Little Burgundy Montréal and has quite a reputation in the food industry. The book was created by Frédéric Morin and David McMillan, both co-owners/chefs of Joe Beef, Liverpool House and McKiernan Luncheonette, and Meredith Erickson, one of Joe Beef's original staff. The book is beautifully photographed by Jennifer May and definitely an interesting and mouth watering read. These guys know Montréal and the food scene like the back of their hand. Whenever possible, the ingredients they use are of the highest quality and the freshest available bought from local or family-owned producers. I've eaten at both Liverpool House and Joe Beef and I have to say, the food is amazing. Both restaurants have their own unique and rustic charm and are really warm and inviting. Here is a little video of Frédéric and David talking about the history of Joe Beef, the area of Little Burgundy and a bit about the book. I love their passion in what they do.

Also in the giveaway is the book 'Bread' by Première Moisson. This bakery I love! The loaves of bread and pastries are a work of art and almost too good to eat. Their book is filled with techniques and delicious recipes and a great one to have on hand for fellow bread lovers.

So, to win! Simply share the love on Facebook, Twitter or your blog and leave a comment below pasting the link of where you have shared this competition with your friends. Using the old school method of a name drawn from a hat, the winner will be announced on the Monday that a little relish issue two is launched. This comp is open to internationally and I will be posting the little package to the winner.

In case you missed the first issue of a little relish you can click here to view it.

Giveaway ends Friday 11th November 2011 at midnight.

Good luck!

Oct 17, 2011

The Rooftops 'a hundred different lives'

I was reminded tonight about this little design piece I did a while ago and realised I didn't post about it. The 'a hundred different lives' album for The Rooftops was a collaboration between stylist and director Nataly Lee, photographer Nat McComas and myself. The Rooftops are an Australian band made up of a very talented group who all play instruments and have a really unique and groovy sound. It's always nice to work with Nataly and Nat and hopefully in the future we can collaborate again.

Oct 11, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! We have had perfect (and I hear quite abnormal) warm weather this weekend with blue skies and sunshine. This weekend we drove down to Ottawa to visit good friends Bonnie & Matt and had a really nice time wandering through ByWard Market, exploring the city and sharing a few beers on a balcony while catching up. On the way back we drove the long way home to see the changing foliage colours and pass by a couple lakes. I also carved my first pumpkin (I realise this is a Halloween thing but couldn't resist) and made my first pumpkin pie. All in all quite a good Canadian experience I think!

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

Oct 3, 2011

A little relish : Montréal

As mentioned the next issue of 'a little relish' is underway. Living in Montréal so far has definitely been inspiring and I'm looking forward to sharing this issue with you. Being that we are approaching the end of year ever so fast, I endeavour to have this up before the holiday period so it can be enjoyed and hopefully give ideas on recipes to share with friends and family while relaxing over the break.

Sep 30, 2011

Morning light

The last few days I've definitely noticed a change in the time the sun rises. I find I'm sitting in my running outfit longer waiting for some light so I don't have to go running in the dark. I better get used to that though with the Canadian winter approaching! This morning the light was really nice streaming through our window. Speaking of which, the glass could do with a clean :/

I'm on a hunt for some things to feature in a little relish today followed by a cooking class tonight, looking forward to it. I hope everyone is having a nice end to their week.

Sep 29, 2011

Real Living Magazine

This is a little shoot I styled for Real Living Magazine prior to leaving Australia and it has now featured in their current October issue which means I can share! Photographed by Toby Scott we setup an outdoor area with a Spring, relaxed, rustic pizza oven theme with a neutral base and hints of purple and teal. How cool would it be to have your own pizza oven in your backyard!

I have been very quiet on the blog posts as I've thrown myself into learning French the past few weeks. My head hurts to say the least and there is a cloud of French words floating around in my head that I'm struggling to string together. I know it will be a gradual process. I'd love to know any hints by those who have had to learn a language when moving to a new country.

And lastly A little relish issue 2 is underway. I'm enjoying working on the Montreal issue and very much looking forward to sharing it with you.

Sep 20, 2011

Photo inspiration

A few images I love from via shadybitch. Be warned, some NSFW pics on there!